The ELAINE 2.0 project, European Local Authorities Integration Network, will connect six local and regional European organizations on the theme of integration of migrants and refugees. The project comprises six separate meetings on the topic of integration in six different participating member states. Each meeting will have its own specific focus on integration.

Further the first conference in Cambridge – United Kingdom, related to Unaccompanied Minors held last October 2018 and the second conference organised in Graz – Austria, with tittle: Building sustainable and inclusive communities, the third meeting will be held on Catoira – Spain on June 19th 2019. The topic will be "Gender dimensions on integration and migration"

Among the partner countries of Elaine 2.0 project (Sweden, Germany, Denmark, United Kingdom and Austria), 40 people - 8 from each partner country - will be selected to attend the conference as part of the public and in some cases as part of the program. This will give the Conference an important European dimension that can be used by the Spanish public to create and / or expand a European network related to the topic. The entire conference will have simultaneous translation in English and Spanish.

When & where

Catoira ubication

June 19th 2019

Catoira (Pontevedra), Northwest of Spain.


The conference has limited seats and interested parties need to preregister. Seats will be subsequently determined based on geographical and organizational relevance. The aim is to create a good mix of participants from a Local, National and European perspective.

Pre-register at: http://elaineproject.com/?sec=register

Please, include the following information: ID Number, profession, name, organization, position, e-mail and any food allergies.

National Contact: name, telephone, email address

More information

Catoira's council: 986 54 60 14
ATIN: 986 33 22 93